Online course “Laced and braided” – floral unique pieces and woven art objects


online power seminar course 01/2020



Registration for the online power seminar course 01/2020 for 129 €.

Course 01/2020 contains 10 workpieces in 10 individual videos.
You can watch the videos again and again after purchasing them.

“Laced and braided” – unique floral vessels and woven art objects

We love handmade unique items and want to make very special vessels and art objects from a wide variety of braiding materials and wire.
We learn the most varied of braiding techniques, knot, wrap and, with patience and enthusiasm, create very special vessels for individual flowers or plants, wall objects of a special kind and free organic art forms for indoors and outdoors. These ideas made of rushes, water hyacinths, banana leaves, willow and wire are nowhere to be bought.

They show our creative skills, give us energy for everyday life and promote our creativity! An online seminar for everyone who loves braiding and lacing and would like to continue their education at home!

Annette Kamping and team